God’s Gift

Though we missed our face-to-face time at Titus Women this week, please know that you are prayed for today. I hope you were snugly tucked in and out of the storm on Tuesday.

The one thing I love about living in Nebraska is a snow day—you know, the day after the storm when everything shuts down, and all the plans you thought were so crucial just got cancelled.  It’s a gift! 

 After the storm comes a “free day.” A day to play. Hopefully, the sun is shining on the white-covered ground as you bundle up and head outside for snowmen and snow angels, snowball fights and sledding.  Then everyone tumbles back inside for hot cocoa.

Sure, the storm interrupted plans and added some new clean-up responsibilities, but how else would you ever get a day like this?  God loves us enough to bring the storm. . . . He takes us out of our hectic, urgent, down-to-the-minute lives and heaps on something new that gives us a different view and a deeper experience with Him. 

Drifts of new perspective,

a covering of brightness,

and a calm assurance that—after the storm—comes a stillness.

There’s just no substitute for the danger of the storm followed by the wonder of a snow day. God waits for us to take our lives of service off the shelf and willingly risk safety for the reward of His presence. For God is wild and free and, those who would be set free, must know the truth of who He is . . . and who He has called them to be.

“Live freely, animated and motivated by God’s Spirit”. Galatians 5:16, The Message

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