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Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a perpetual winter? Okay. Maybe now is not the best time to ask on the first full week of January when the outside temperatures are in the single digits. But then again, maybe it IS the best time to ask, because I’m not talking about an actual physical winter. I’m talking about spiritual winter. All we need to do is look out the window and we see a landscape that mirrors that season of our soul. It’s a time when the soul feels frozen and dead. A time when everything seems hard, and hope is difficult to grasp. A time when God appears to be silent.

This winter session in Equip Her, we will be studying the Old Testament book of Esther. Did you know that it is one of two books in the Bible where God’s name is never mentioned? Not even once. And yet, if you join us in our study, you’ll find God on every page of the story. God might be hidden, but He is definitely not absent.

Come join us as we learn how God is faithful to keep His promises and deliver His people even through the most trying of circumstances. This story ultimately points to the gospel, revealing the need for a better Deliverer, a better King, and a better Kingdom than any found in this world. You can choose to take the class on either Sunday or Tuesday morning. Each week, various Equip Her teachers will lead discussion and teaching using the study, Esther, The Hidden Hand of God, by Lydia Brownback. Childcare will be available for both sessions.

Registration is open now. Classes begin the week of January 23rd and run through the week of April 10th. Won’t you join us? I’d love to see you there!

Register now on the LBC webpage.

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