Life to the Full

Words are very important for us to guard and protect here at Titus Women.  Not only are we concerned with staying true to God’s Word but we’re also concerned with all the words that influence us.  Electronic media has given us unlimited access to all kinds of words.  So we’re careful about how we use our blog and how we link to other resources.  One resource well worth reading is Heart to Heart with Holley.  Here’s one of her recent blogs that got me thinking:

Holley Gerth … When you want life to the full…

For years I lived full.

Full schedule.

Full plate.

Full speed ahead.

I found myself weary, wondering, “Is this really how it’s supposed to be?”

And then it seemed God asked me to learn to live differently.

To focus on love.

To make time to listen to His voice.

To embrace what He’s called me to do and let all else drop away.

“Isn’t that what I’ve already been doing?” I asked.

“Don’t you want me to be busy, to push myself to the limit?”

It seemed the heart of heaven smiled and these grace-words drifted into my day.

“Daughter, I did not come to give you a full life.

I came to give you life to the full.”

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

Full life … think about that with me.

No one wants an empty life and there are many things that we fill our lives with.  Some we choose and some are chosen for us.  It’s like filling an empty jar.

We start with the things that only we can do.

We add some things that others could do, but we really enjoy doing ourselves.

Then there are things others ask us to do and we accept.

Sometimes we fill our lives with things no one even asked us to do in the first place.

Then there are things that we’re not really supposed to do. 

See how life can become too full?!

All of a sudden we realize we can’t possible take on any more so we close the lid on our overflowing jar-life.  We’ve become a container.  Nothing coming in, nothing going out.  Closed off to God and to others. Over time a closed container becomes stagnant.

God whispers to us in those times, “Daughter, I did not come to give you a full life.”

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

John 10 talks about Jesus being the Good Shepherd and caring for the sheep.  A thief sneaks into the pasture to kill and destroy the sheep, but Jesus brings an abundant life for those who listen to His Voice in their lives. 

The reason we fill our lives on our own is to make up for a lack we feel … right?  Jesus says, “you lack nothing that I can’t supply”.  So when we trust the abundance of God, instead of being a closed container, our lives should look like a pitcher.   We lived tipped and open to what He will bring to us and what He will accomplish through us.

What does it mean to live life to the full? 

I’ve thought about this for many days. I’ve studied the words in different translations and looked them up in the original language.  I’ve prayed and chewed on them.  I’ve looked for some way to bring meaning and a practical application to this rich verse.  It captured my thoughts, but more importantly, it captured my heart.  I wanted to share that with someone. I decided to share it with you today.

That process, for me, is living life to the full.  I’m fully engaged in God’s Word, looking for meaning and purpose for myself and others.  That’s where God fills me and I lived tipped.

What does it mean for YOU to live life to the full?

Maybe you need to begin by opening up that container and pouring your heart out to God.  Ask Him to show you how to live tipped so His newness flows in and out freely.

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