Prepare Our Hearts

(From our Worship Team Leader, Laura Dilworth)

 We start our Titus mornings with worship . . . celebrating and praising God.  It’s also time to prepare our hearts to hear God speak.

Why do we need to do this?  Because we all have many things on our minds. 

Whether you’re a young mom with kids at home

   a mom with kids to get out the door to school,

        a successful career woman,

                a doting grandma,

                      or any combination or stage in between,

                           we all have demands on our lives. 

                       Demands on our time,

               on our attention,

           on our emotions,

on our resources.

These demands create mental clutter and clatter.

We NEED some specific time to quiet it all so we can FOCUS, receive . . . really HEAR—a chance to change gears, so to speak. 

So the worship team prepares this opening time with all of this in mind. Our desire is to help direct—using  music, lyrics, scripture, testimony, video—our hearts and minds back to the ONE who is truly worthy of our love, time, talent and energy. 

 When we worship TOGETHER, we encourage and confirm and strengthen one another in this.

Think for a moment:  what has the power to enliven, inspire, propel, motivate, move you forward each morning when you wake up? 

  • a crying baby
  • an appointment
  • expectations of others
  • responsibilities
  • hunger
  • bills
  • worries
  • addictions
  • anticipation of an upcoming event
  • deadlines

Sure, any of those might fit your circumstance, but what is that the BEST way to be enlivened?

In his book The Worship of God, Ralph Martin says:

“Worship is the dramatic celebration of God in His supreme worth in such a manner that HIS WORTHINESS becomes the norm and inspiration of human living.”

Did you catch that?  God’s SUPREME WORTHINESS can be what spurs us to move forward and enables us to THRIVE, not just survive each day.  He wants to be . . . can be . . . should be our inspiration to live the day before us.  For apart from Him, we don’t have one more breath.

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