Whew … what a great opening day of classes yesterday!

Laura and the worship team led us in singing Hillsong’s “Everyday”. We told God, in front of each other, that “Everyday it’s You I live for”. (listen here)

I’ve discovered that if I want to live for God everyday, I need to stop living for myself so much. How about you?

Being a person who loves words, I’ve started noticing how many words I use that include SELF.

Self-esteem, self-help, self-conscious, self-confidence …

I wonder what it would be like to replace the SELF part of those words and instead put GOD in there …

Instead of working on my self-esteem, I could have God-esteem … knowing He sees me.

Instead of reading self-help books, I should spend more time reading the one and only God-help Book.

I’d be God-conscious…

Have God-confidence.

And maybe after a while someone might notice that I’m God-ish

What might happen if you chose to have GOD replace SELF … everyday?

One Reply to “Everyday”

  1. It was an awesome return. Thanks for the inspiring music and words. Great to be back in class and enjoying the group of Titus Women again.

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