God Is Love

In our worship time this week, we began a series of “God-stories” from some of the women of Titus. Today Victoria Oaks shared her experience of God’s scandalous love and grace.

One of my prayers I began praying at the beginning of this year was for God to make me strong and courageous. I have struggled with some strongholds all my life and with the Lord’s help I have been victorious over them—for which I give all praise and thanks to my Savior.

To be honest with you, I humbly met with God again and asked him for another measure of courage and strength because the thought of writing my life story down on paper is very overwhelming for me, almost more than I can bear. When I got the e-mail a few weeks ago explaining that we would be working on our stories in class, my first thought was, “Well, That’s not going to happen.” And just to make sure I didn’t have to do it, I even skipped class that week.

But God has been speaking to me and reminding me that not one thing has happened in my life that He didn’t allow. He promised me that He works all things out for good for those who trust in Him. He whispered to me that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus our LORD, and in His still, small voice He told me that those who put their trust in the LORD will not be put to shame.

I believe that each one of our lives is a love story that God is writing.

His love is not based on how good we think we are, or how bad we think we are. It’s based on who God knows we are, and He says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, that we are His masterpiece, and that He delights in us.

I know I have questions I won’t know the answers to until I’m home with Jesus, but I realize now that it was God’s desire to wrap me in his scandalous grace and to teach me to hold on to His truth—that His grace is enough and His love endures forever.

I think about God’s sovereign hand and tender love that protected and guided me through the years I didn’t know Him, and I think . . . If God did all this when I wasn’t looking and praising Him, just imagine all He will do now that I am. Just imagine all He will do now that we are.

One Reply to “God Is Love”

  1. I love how you told your God story…especially the part at the end when you say “If God did all this when I wasn’t looking and praising HIm, just imagine all He will do now that I am”. Very powerful Victoria! And coming to know you last semester in our prayer circle was such an encouragement to me. THanks and Praise God!

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