Summer Rain

At some point this summer we’re going to long for rain. It usually happens somewhere around late July or early August. The grass gets crunchy, the ground so dry, it cracks. The flowers and trees become brittle and droopy. The sun seems relentless on those days, the air like an oven. We’ve all been there. Those are the days we start searching the sky, like Elijah, for a cloud, any cloud . . . even a cloud as small as a man’s fist. We need rain, and we need it badly.

Summer’s can be like that for our spiritual lives as well. We can get so busy with things—good things even—like vacations, ballgames, out-of-town guests that before we know it, it’s been weeks since we’ve spent any quality time in the Word or in prayer simply listening to God speak. We can become as dry and brittle as the world around us.

It’s our hope on our blog this summer to provide you with a little spiritual rain. Though we won’t be coming together corporately on Tuesdays, we can still join together in an online community to experience just a taste of what we share during the school year—a moment of worship, a word from Scripture, or a joining in prayer.

Like a quick summer shower, we hope these blog posts will give you the refreshment you need in the midst of a dry week. So join us today as we worship. Put down your coffee cup, sit back in your seat and click on this link. You can sing along to this Tuesday morning favorite or just focus on the words. But as you do, try to imagine all your friends from Tuesday morning singing along with you. May it be a beautiful sound of praise to our Savior.

Enjoy the rain!

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