Prayer in Dry Times

The blast of summer heat came early this year. Grass crunched underfoot sooner, plants curled with stress smaller, gaping cracks appeared in the ground quicker. I reached down and could put my whole hand into one of those cracks and never touch bottom. It was that dry and it was still June.

So, when clouds formed overhead and we noticed that they weren’t just teasing us this time because we smelled the rain coming, we stayed on the porch. We watched the rain fall, covering the grass, washing the plants and running into the cracks.

All the cracks of earth came together again after that rain.

“I spread out my hands to you; my soul thirsts for you like a parched land”, says David in Psalm 143:6.

Life these days has turned up the heat too. Crevasses have opened quickly. I notice the gaps in who I need to be and what little I bring to get the job done. My soul is dry.

You too?

And prayer is spreading out our hands when we are dry. It’s asking Jesus to be our gap-filler and admitting that we’re just not able. I know the challenge from Ezekiel 22 to be the one person who will stand in the gap in prayer seems like our responsibility, but I’m questioning the way I’ve read that before. Jesus has filled that gap. He is the One. I just need to trust Him.

Mind if I pray for you (for me) ….
Dear Jesus,
Bring rain to our parched souls. We’re tired of hoping for something to change in our lives that will make us happy, that will fill the gaps of longing. Fill us with YOU. Seep into every crack and soften us with Your love, Your grace, Your peace. Make up for all that we lack with all that You ARE. Amen.

So, won’t you come out on the porch with me and sense the filling rain of Jesus in your soul …

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