Learning to Pray

 prayer groupOur prayer groups play a large role in our Tuesday mornings. In them, women form deep bonds of friendship and learn to pray for each other. But for those of us who are introverts, a prayer group can be a very intimidating place. Last week, our MUMs class shepherd, Pat Folds, shared her journey of growth through the ministry of our Tuesday morning prayer groups.

For a long time, I couldn’t pray out loud. Some things from my childhood contributed to that, plus I was extremely shy and unsure of myself. It became a real stumbling block for me. I read lots of books about how to pray, what to pray, how to learn to pray. The concept of just talking to God was hard to grasp. I could do it in my head, but speaking out loud wasn’t happening.

After we moved to Lincoln, I started coming to Titus Women. The first couple of years I was very quiet in my prayer groups. The more familiar I got with the Upward, Inward, Outward form of prayer I learned here, the more I tried to pray out loud using that.

Then, one day Jill Trucke called and asked me to be a prayer group leader. I really wanted to say no, but I knew God wanted me to say yes, so I did.

The first groups I led were tough. I would have terrible knots in my stomach the closer it got to Tuesday mornings and many of my early groups had some of the leaders from Titus Women in them . . . that was intimidating! But, each semester as I learned to trust God more in this area, it got a little easier and I learned God doesn’t care what you pray . . . just that you do.

I still struggle with praying out loud, but being in a prayer group and experiencing the bond you establish with other women when you pray with them and for them has helped so much. I still have friends from my previous groups who I know I can ask for prayer about something and they will pray for me . . . and they know I will pray for them.

If God can do this through me, He can use anyone. What I’ve experienced in my prayer life is beyond anything I could have done on my own and that’s how I know God’s hand was in it the whole time. I probably took a lot longer than He would have liked but thankfully, He’s very patient and He doesn’t give up on us.

So, I would like to encourage anyone who is feeling God prompting her to be a prayer group leader . . . say, YES!

One of the tools we use in our prayer groups on Tuesday mornings is our prayer journal which outlines the UPWARD, INWARD, OUTWARD approach Pat referred to above. We would like to make that journal available in an e-book format to everyone on this blog. If you would like a free copy of this journal, click on the icon below to download it to your computer.

Legacy of Prayer cover


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