Uniquely Created

As daughters of the Creator God, we also are born with an innate ability to create, and I’m so glad our God did not make us cookie-cutter people with the exact same gifts and abilities. I love seeing how the God-given urge to create is expressed through our women in so many different ways. Some of us bring things to life with words, others with music, or food, or fabric. Some are artists with paint or pen and ink, while others create beauty with their cameras.

Today, I’d like to celebrate a variety of creative ways in which our women took the lessons they learned this semester and made them their own.

From our Redeemed Women class, Nancy used her love of fabric to create this reminder for herself:color swatch3

Each woman she studied was represented by a different swatch of material.color swatch2

Here’s a close-up of her rendition of Jezebel.color swatch2 (2)

Her classmate, Wendy, chose to remember the Biblical women in drawings. Here are a few of the women she drew:potifers wifewendy sketch4wendy sketch3

Each as unique as the women themselves.

And finally, from our Ruth class, Mikki summed up what she’d learned about her own life story in a poem. Its message is appropriate to what we’ve seen here today. As you read it, celebrate the YOU God made you to be and enjoy!

I Am Who God Made Me

God made me

Created me

Loved me without conditions

He crafted my mind

     my personality

     my emotions

     my being

God accepts me

       knows me

       sees me

       loves me

       cares about me . . . me!

I don’t have to prove myself

be someone I’m not

be perfect

or act perfect.

He accepts me.

God knows my heart

       my desire to be more

               more like Him and less like me.

        But He likes me anyway,

        Even when I don’t like myself,

        He loves me.

His love sets me free

It anchors my soul

And creates a peace that I truly can’t understand.

But I accept it.

It makes me smile.

It brings tears to my eyes.

I don’t deserve it!

I haven’t worked hard enough for it!
I’m not disciplined enough

      not faithful enough

      not holy enough

      not worth it . . .

But, it’s not about me!

It’s about my Savior!

The One who created me and saved me.

Who took these sins, these ugly thoughts

Took them far away

Sacrificed Himself for me.

I love you Jesus.


You lead me through my inadequacies

my failures

my feeble attempts.

You give me true love

         true companionship

         true acceptance.

You know I long for relationships,

deep ones

meaningful, spirit-filled relationships.

My expectations rise

Often to fall short

But not with You.

When I listen

When I acknowledge
When I stop, stay still, sit in solitude,

I feel You
I am filled by You

Holy Spirit, my heart is filled.

You know me

You love me

You accept me

I am who I am because of You.

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