Stepping Out to Serve

My great delight with Summer Refresh was sharing alongside Stacey and Kathy. Each added her own unique perspective from week to week, Stacey in front of the group and Kathy here on the blog.

Listen to Stacey’s reflections from our last class:

Close-up of a woman's foot with slippers

In the last video of the series, Ann brings together all the concepts that we’ve learned so far and says, “Don’t just take the blessing, be the blessing.”  This example is given to us through Jesus and his example of washing the disciples’ feet.

As we offered each other communion at our tables it seemed intimate. Almost uncomfortable feeling.  We linked that with the way Jesus calls us to serve. Sometimes, the places he calls us to, the people, the situations are uncomfortable.  We want our serving to be sterile, predictable, easily checked off.

As I was praying through this evening’s study and asking God where he would have me serve he brought two distinct opportunities to mind.

  • I have lived in the same house, in the same neighborhood for 13 years.  Most of my neighbors I know by first name, we make small talk at the mailbox.  But if I was being honest I don’t really know them.  I don’t know their stories, their joys, their difficulties.  God has really been stirring me to step out and connect with these people I call neighbors.
  • Also, God brought to mind an old high school friend that had recently moved back to town.  My husband and I both knew we should invite this friend over for dinner but we’ve been dragging our feet.  Our friend has gone through many ups and downs in his years since high school and inviting him to dinner also invites a lot of unknowns.

When God calls us to serve it almost always requires us to step out of our comfort zones and into a walk a faith.  I was reminded this week that when I serve Christ, He serves me, I need never serve in my own strength.

What is one way God might be calling you to step out and serve in new areas?

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