Seeing Clearly

This past Tuesday another of our MUMS, Bonnie Aksamit, shared her story with us. If you were there, you heard the incredible journey she’s been on and the many ways God has led her through tragedies and challenges. I was especially encouraged to hear how the women of Equip Her have been instrumental in her healing and growth. Here’s what she had to say about that:

Seeing the people God has deliberately put in my path since coming to Berean five years ago–women like Sherri, Tina, Pat and Laurie–is mind boggling. I have never had any friends who invested in my life the way I have now. What a blessing to have so many women speak God’s truth into my life and love me so deeply!

And my testimony is far from over. Some of my favorite memories growing up were going camping with my dad. In the mountains everything is so clear at night.

credits: James Wheeler/
credits: James Wheeler/

This past year I have felt that way about my life. Everything is finally clear. Even after all I’ve gone through–an early life filled with dysfunctional relationships and alcohol abuse, Nana’s death, my miscarriages, working through tough times in my marriage, Trevor’s accident, the difficulty of learning to parent three children in a totally different way than I was parented–I can see that God is sovereign. He knows!

I haven’t needlessly endured tragic circumstances. In the midst of the anger, sorrow, failure, helplessness and despair, I can say with great certainty that God has been my one constant–sometimes silent, but always holding me in the palm of His hand.

This time as a prayer group leader in MUMS has challenged me to be myself. Not like the crazy goof I have always been, but more like that little girl clinging to the wooden cross at a campfire so many years ago . . . hungry for God to speak to me, transparent for Him to see the real me, and willing to be his masterpiece.

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