Who God Is

We are midway through our week and by now some of you have probably had a chance to sit down and read through Psalm 40. As a homework assignment for Lesson 1, you were to ask yourself the question “What does this psalm tell me about WHO GOD IS?” Would any of you be willing to share your answers with us? Just post a comment in the reply box below.

I saw this picture on Facebook last week and was reminded of what Claudine told us in her first lesson. The more we know about who God is, the easier it is to know who we are.

who am I Our next lesson will be posted on Thursday. See you then!

4 Replies to “Who God Is”

  1. When I read Ps 40, the second line stops me short, “He inclined to me”. When the LORD stops and turns to show interest in me, maybe it’s not when I’m doing something special but when I’m waiting. Really?! Really.

  2. Something I noticed for the first time in vs. 3 is that my praise and worship come from Him. “He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God.”

  3. From v. 3 I am encouraged by the truth that God is the giver of new songs. My life in the last two years has been a whirlwind of change where all my roles, my job, my relationships, and even my physical location are not what they had been for many years. Rather than feel adrift, I can trust that God will give me a new song; a new role, new relationships, and a new task in this place which will be of Him and for Him.

  4. For me this was sweet sweet words for my heart to hear. Sometimes I feel “alone” in how I feel, if that makes sense and right away I see that even though I am not faithful to His voice/word, He is faithful to hear my cry, to lift me out of my sin and set me on solid ground. He brings joy to my mouth and heart so much so that I trust WHO He is. Nothing and no one compares to Him and it is NOT of my works that He loves and has compassion on me. He is my Protector, even when I don’t deserve it, grace, much undeserved grace. I have uttered “Do not delay, my God” before, but, most of that time is when things are hard in our life or other families lives and I see the torment, but, do I when things are good?

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