Immerse Yourself in Prayer

prayer groupConsider this quote about prayer:

        “It begins out of desperation – it grows into a discipline – and becomes a passion.”

That desperate beginning certainly rings true. Who of us hasn’t hit–knees to the floor–and cried, “God, help!”?

And that last part about being passionate for prayer? I love the way that sounds. Seems like a peaceful, wonderful place to be … ahhh.

But that middle part – grows into a discipline – huh?

Who wants that? How does that work? Can we skip the rigors of discipline and get from desperation to passion in one big step?

I don’t know about you, but my experience has been that most of the Christian life takes place in that middle part of prayer – growing into discipline.

I’m not desperate every day when I pray – thankfully.

And I’m not very passionate most of the time either … (sigh).

Being immersed in prayer requires an attitude of focus and discipline.

And we’d love to help you with THAT on Tuesday Morning. If we can equip you to focus your prayer life, we believe you can grow to become a more passionate women of prayer.

Here’s how we aim to help:

  1.  We will carve out time each week for you to be part of a small prayer group.These are your praying friends during your class. Your group’s a safe place that’s confidential and caring.
  2. We will provide a prayer journal – Legacy of Prayer. This is a great tool to instruct and guide your small group time as well as your personal prayer life. In the column to the right is a link for you to get your own e-book. Simply click on the praying hands icon.
  3. We will teach a pattern of Prayer that’s outlined in the journal:

Upward Look  – praise and gratitude to God

Inward Look – confession of how we are not like God

Outward Look – intercession for each other

  1. We will commit to walk with you through the process of growing in prayer.

You will have a trained prayer group leader who wants more than anything for you to grow in your relationship with Jesus. She will pray for you throughout the week, as will other members of your group. These groups are the heart of our ministry.

Each of us starts today at differing comfort levels. Perhaps you’ve prayed out loud in a group for years; perhaps you have not. Let’s be mindful that not everyone is at the exact same level and strive to make the prayer groups a comfy place for everyone.

Meanwhile, here’s a little added inspiration on prayer. Enjoy this video that we viewed together on Tuesday Morning: Prayer Inspiration.

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