On Being Mindful

First thing every Tuesday morning we gather for OPENING time. You notice how important this opening is when you see …

  •  we have women opening the door for you
  • we set the room to make it a place that’s warm and open to sharing–coffee, tea and conversation
  • we have prayed that your hearts would be open to receive the truth of God’s Word to us today.

I don’t know about you, but it’s getting harder and harder for me to find open moments in my life. I’m trying new things; most recently, an adult coloring book. I picked out the one I have because it promised MINDFULNESS and encouraged, “Color your way to a better focus.” That sounded like hours of therapy for a mere $12.

So I’ve set aside time to color. Simple, right?adult-coloring

But wait. The angst begins.  What should I color with? Crayolas seemed old fashioned and childish, so I tried these new adult crayons. But they were bulky.

So I went to pastels. But those were messy.

I’ve settled on colored pencils … for now.

My choice of a medium for my art was merely the beginning of my struggles. When I sit down to color, I also struggle to plan my strategy for the page. Is it daytime or night? Where is the light coming from? Should I use natural colors or some wild, crazy mixture?

But most of all, I worry about who else may see my WORK when it’s finished.

Am I shading in the right places? Am I allowed to create new lines of my own?

Am I taking too much time on this, or should I be working more efficiently?

Does the coloring book my friend Marlys is working on look better than mine?!

Actually, this IS great therapy because I’ve learned how truly full my MIND is already. Full of a lot of ugly, rotten thoughts when it’s just me and my coloring book. And if those thoughts fill my mind then, chances are they’re going to spill out when I’m not coloring too.

My coloring confession sessions have shown me how much I need to fill my mind with what is good and lovely and true. Yep, God’s Word!

Psalm 86:11 is a verse I’ve committed to pray over the past 10 years:

Train me, God, to walk straight;
then I’ll follow your true path.
Put me together, one heart and mind;
then, undivided, I’ll worship in joyful fear.

And that’s why our OPENING times help you discover different ways to fill your mind with God’s Word. You’ll hear from other women about how they connect with God. We’ll share songs and stories, trials and triumphs.

As you ponder what to fill your mind with, might I suggest this song & video?

Steady Heart by Steffany Gretzinger

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