Faithful Focus

sparrowsAt 5:13 this morning the birds interrupted my sleep … again! A cacophony of twits and cackles with no melody or cadence. Not a song but a sound.

Before the sun was up, they were up, and I with them.

An hour later, the day began to hum and shine, diminishing the bird calls. But in the dark my only focus was on their chatter.

Focus. Week 1 of our Armor of God stud has a lot to say about our focus:

  • Do we see behind the curtain to the schemes of the Enemy?
  • Can we step back from the evil chatter to hear God calling?
  • Do we believe what the Word of God says about our victory in Christ?

Rather than fuss and fume about the bird noise, I got up and started my day. My focus changed to getting the coffee on, finding my notebook, opening my Bible app, and settling under a blanket on my porch chair.

Just like early birds, the Enemy will always be noise in the background, but I can choose to focus my heart’s hearing, my mind’s attention, and my spiritual vision on what is true and right.

How about you? What distractions are pulling you away from the Word this week? How might you regain a proper focus, even in studying The Armor of God?

Mind if I pray for us? …

Jesus, Friend of Sinners ~ So many noises draw our attention away from Your kindness and Truth. Stir our attention to You. Help us to distinguish the sound of Your Voice among the clatter of the Enemy. Turn our focus to You as we learn to stand firm and battle strong this week. Oh yes!  

One Reply to “Faithful Focus”

  1. What a great description of of how you awoke to the sounds, ‘chatter’, then shifting as you lived into the day. Such a beautiful perspective!

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