May God Be Everywhere I Go

dscn4202By Carey Helmink

I love to read, love the written word. And I can be persuaded to read any number of things. I enjoy fantasy and science fiction. Biographies are great. I used to read my share of self-help books, but at this point in my life I don’t read too many of those. The Bible is probably the only thing that can help me now.

One of my favorite genres is historical fiction. I love stories that take place in another time/place. I also enjoy movies/shows that take place somewhere other than here and happen sometime other than now. Downton Abbey, for example. Big fan. I love being transported to and experiencing life through the eyes of someone else.

There are, however, certain times and places in history I would not wish to experience. Think back through history. If you could be born in a different era, what years would you avoid?

How about during the early days of the church when Nero was using Christians as human torches? Or Nazi Germany during the reign of Hitler? What about the Civil War years or during the Great Depression? Or, actually, any number of modern-day countries where Christians are being martyred at alarming rates. At times, people in our culture carry on about how awful things are in our country during this political season, but if they think this is as bad as it can get, they are very naïve about the history of man.

So many horrific events and times we would choose to avoid. We could go on listing them all day. But if I had to choose the most difficult period in human history–to me it would be the 400 years between Malachi the prophet and the coming of Jesus.

The silence of God. No word on this planet from Him for generations. Not silence for a few years but silence for hundreds of years. No wise Spirit to lead and guide. No constant and compassionate Comforter. No ever present help in times of trouble. Silence. Complete, heavy, enveloping silence. The world absent of the breath of God and the wind of the Spirit.

I can’t think of anything more horrifying.

I understand that we do not always FEEL the presence of God but that makes it no less true. Girlfriends, this is just a friendly reminder that He is with you. Sometimes the reason we don’t feel his presence is because we are so unaware of it. We are distracted on numerous levels. And it is just so easy to take for granted the fact that God is not only ever-present all around us, but if we are believers his Spirit is ever present within us.

“Your light to guide me; Your hands to hold me; Your presence when I’m alone. Your heart is beating forever with me. Your voice will call me home. May God be everywhere I go.”  [Andres Figueroa, Mariah McManus & Matt Maher]

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