Making an Impact

I wish we could have taken a picture of all our women, but here’s one third of them–the beautiful MUMs class of 2017

Now that we’ve wrapped up another year of Equip Her, it’s always fun to hear the many ways God has impacted women through this study. Here are a few of our favorites.

From the Nehemiah class:

God worked amazingly through this class as I was looking to learn more about Him, but also wanting to connect with women. I had just moved to Lincoln and had been praying for friends, and He gave me a whole table full and then some!

How has this study encouraged you to value and spend time in the Bible?

I realize the more time I spend alone with God the better my overall attitude is.

I now take a verse or chapter at a time and break it down researching names, times in the Bible and/or words to help make the Word of God come alive even more than just reading it quickly.

I love the discipline of a weekly time of going deeper into a specific portion of Scripture.

 How has this study helped you apply God’s Word to your life?

It helped me when I would have a situation to cry out and use the Word to anchor me.

Even when life is difficult and full of trials – if we abide in God’s Word – He will abide in us and see us through our trials. He gives us hope and a future. Nehemiah prayed before he did anything – teaching us to pray about everything.

The table discussion showed me how easily God’s Word fits into our daily lives by breaking it down into smaller manageable bits and pieces.

I feel more at ease speaking His name to others I know who do not know God.

The teaching gave me specific ways to take the Word I had studied and apply it to my everyday life. The principles Nehemiah and the Israelites were learning about repentance and restoration hold true today.

I think it made me realize that through God nothing is impossible. God used Nehemiah in an amazing way to accomplish His goals and likewise if I’m listening He can use me too.

How did God use this study in Nehemiah to help restore a part of your life?

It helped me open up to the discussion of others in my group and listen more. Letting God control and guide my life day to day and seek him in all things by building my relationship with him.

It helped me to forgive!

During this year I’ve been in the situation of a broken relationship – this restoration theme gives me Hope.

I am working on family relationships, forgiving them and asking for God’s help in restoring communication and a love for each other.

It reminds me that our lives are cyclical – sometimes walking closer w/God than others. It is my responsibility to draw near to God – yet even if I don’t, He will draw near to me.

The group part of our time helped me through a situation in my life this year and really restored my idea that He can work through that problem.

From our Selah Sisters:

I just wanted to let you know that this was my first bible study at Berean
Church, and already I am impressed!  The first gathering was lovely and I’m
really looking forward to the study and the fellowship with the other ladies.  I
came in Tues morning not knowing a single person but I ended up feeling very
comfortable.  Just so happens the two women on each side of me at the opening
were there alone as well, so it was nice knowing that there are other women from
other churches there as well.

You two are blessing me for sure and many each week. I love the study–the depth
and the scope; keep it coming. I like the connection and the authenticity too.

God helped me see some areas I deeply needed him more.

God has completely taken away my doubt of if he loves me. He has taught me that I
need not have fear in praying God’s will as His will is always better than mine
and not dependent on my faith in prayer but on my faith in God’s goodness and

I learned to pray. I am truly in a black hole in my life right now and my prayer
group ladies wrapped their arms around me and through them I learned to pray. I
am praying God keeps these ladies in my life. They have been a light in my dark

Thanks again to our teachers, prayer group leaders and other volunteers for the amazing ways you gave of yourselves this year to serve our ladies. How exciting to be a part of God’s incredible work in the lives of women!

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