Winter/Spring Tuesday Morning Classes

organizer-791939_1920With our final lessons taking place last Tuesday, many of you are probably wondering “what’s next?” If you missed our opening time this week, check out the three options below for Tuesday Morning classes starting in January. Equip Her classes are also offered on Sunday Mornings and Wednesday Nights. Registration opens December 4.

TUESDAYS January 15-April 2
9:00 – 11:30 a.m. (8:45 coffee’s ready!)
Meet in D-203 (use North Entry)
Childcare available (See Tuesday Morning Childcare)
Contact Shereen:

Choose from one of these three electives:

MUMs (Moms Uplifting Moms)
A place to gather with other mothers of preschoolers (0-5 yrs) and be led by older moms who have “been there.” At this pivotal time in life, we’d like to equip you as a woman of God using The Quest DVD series with Beth Moore. You’ll explore God’s Word, learn life lessons from guest speakers, and engage in group discussion and prayer time.
Homework: Daily Scripture reading encouraged
Cost: $15 (Quest study included)
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Selah // Teachers: Stacey Kuszak & Renee Meyer
A special place set aside for Moms with school-aged kids (K-12 grade). We pause from Mom Life and gather to pursue God. Together, we’ll experience the book of Ruth in a study called,“Seeing God in Your Story.” Learn to live out your faith in practical ways in  the midst of marriage, mothering, and friendship.
Homework: 20-30 min/day
Cost: $15 (workbook included)

Let Women Teach Us //Teacher: Kathy Bowman
Scripture is full of stories of wives, working women, leaders and mothers; each had a choice to follow God or not. What we learn from them can help us navigate our own walk of faith. Open your heart as we explore life lessons from 9 women of the Bible.
Homework: 30-60 min/week
Cost: $15 (workbook included)

Also, join us here on the blog during the holiday break as we start a new series entitled Redeeming Christmas.

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