Redeeming our Goals


By Sheryl Murray

2019 New Year’s Resolutions/ Goals for the New Year . . .

Hmm . . .

As I examined my annual Christmas letter and perused through those of my friends, I realized that most of the content concerned Doing: we went here, we did this, we accomplished that–giving the impression that our lives consist of and are valued for our Doing. Thus, it seems, the more we do, the better we are, so next year’s goals should be more and better Doing! Right?

Yet, for a Christian, this adage rings hollow. So my mind wandered a bit, thinking about what 2019 goals would Jesus have. As I speculated to myself, I didn’t see God as interested in my Doing as I am. Furthermore, what if He is really more interested in my Being–in Who I am rather than What I’ve done?

Hmm . . . well, Who I am? What constitutes my Being?

Well then, for 2019 I want to be more . . .

More Holy,

More wholly devoted to my Father,
More filled with His Spirit,
More reflecting my Savior.

I want to Be more like Jesus!

Dear Everlasting, Eternal, and Awesome Father, I long for your continued transformation in my life–your sweet sanctification that gives my life Holiness. In 2019 may I awake each day attuned to your presence, ready and willing to, not only Do what you ask, but Be what you ask. May I totally rely on your strength, grace, and wisdom as I allow your light to shine through me. And may I return to my bed just a little bit more like you. Amen.

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