Dwelling Well


This week Cheryl and Kristen from our Sunday morning Equip Her class give us a glimpse into what they experienced this past semester as they studied Dwelling.

By Cheryl Hansen

Dwelling with Jesus is personal, intimate, and looks differently for each Enneagram style. I am so very thankful for each woman’s perspective and how we engaged each other over questions and struggles this past semester in the Equip Her Bible study on Sunday mornings. I’m also grateful for Shereen’s leadership and all who contributed.

When I was a new believer, my understanding of dwelling with Jesus was being “near” Him. I loved this new place of being, the calmness and the truth around His standards. The pain of my childhood and abusive marriage drew me toward His plumb line of truth that wasn’t distorted by someone else’s manipulation and power. This truth didn’t change.

Over the years, He has become my running toward, my rescue and my protection.  Actually, I hold the picture of crawling into Jesus’ lap and dwelling with Him there until all my thoughts line up with His. My favorite quote while mentoring single mom’s is, “In my 35 years of walking with Him as a Christian, I’ve found there is no better physical or human relationship, than my relationship with Jesus.” I know this through complete experience!

While studying Mary, the mother of God, I related to her fear response but also admired her determination to relinquish her agenda, her reputation, and resolve (I only hope to have the same resolve that she showed).  Even Mary, Jesus’ own mother had to discover through dwelling with Him who He really was in relation to being the new Leader, the Lamb, the Law and new Life. I guess I’m on track in my own discovery of who He is!

Mary Magdalene, despite her serious illness and mental health issues, allowed Jesus to reach into her life for healing and to offer forgiveness. She chose this new life, traveled with the disciples and supported them. For me, she is an amazing example of dwelling while answering the call, even though she was the least likely in the world’s eyes to have an impact for the kingdom. Jesus’ acceptance of her let her know she was being totally seen. 💗 Only Jesus!

Having read the story of Mary and Martha repeatedly, Mary of Bethany was a shining example of knowing and committing to the “One thing,” dwelling at the feet of Jesus. Her extravagant worship was done in front of very different groups of people, the devout and the skeptical. For sure, it created pause in my day, my week, and my mind to assess where I was. The fear of missing out continued to crop up along with the things I am allowing to crowd out my dwelling with Jesus.

As we finished our study, our group asked the big question. What does it mean to dwell well? And we landed as women on the answer—to continually glorify God and display the Father’s attributes to those around us. Jesus’ dwelling is within us, to encourage serving and connecting with Him for direction and purpose, moment by moment.

By Kristen Fox

We laughed. We cried. We prayed.

Sunday Equip Her with Shereen was a beautiful and heart-warming experience. As we examined the Scriptures together, our lives intersected in a way that only the Holy Spirit could orchestrate. Although the ladies present varied from week to week, there was purpose in who God brought to the tables. We welcomed new friends into our circles, and rejoiced in God’s working in our lives. We shared our hearts and our struggles, but through it all there was acceptance, encouragement, and love for one another. It was women caring for women in the name of Christ. My sweetest memories are of the Father giving me glimpses into the women around me, primarily of His deep love for them, the inner beauty He has given them, and the ways in which they manifest Him. His presence was palpable . . .

We laughed.  We cried.  We prayed.

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