Worthy of our Worship

Have you ever found yourself putting your hope and trust in things other than God?

Our study in Hebrews this week showed us that the 1st century Jewish Christians were prone to worship angels. I didn’t even know it was a thing, but I can see its draw. Any biblical account I’ve read where a human encountered an angel, the result was awe-inspired terror. But the author of Hebrews goes to great lengths to show us angels don’t even come close to measuring up to Jesus.

Jesus is God’s only Son, Creator of all things, Inheritor of all things, the exact imprint of God in all His glory, prophet, priest, king, and the One who holds all things together. Angels are servants, messengers, mere created beings who are not even on the same playing field as God.

I’m convinced one of the reasons I’ve allowed the events of 2020 to generate fear, anger and frustration within me is I’ve unknowingly put my trust in all the wrong things—things like financial security, medical science, and yes, even government leaders. What a blessing to be reminded once again that Jesus is in control of EVERYTHING. No politician, no virus, no natural disaster can take away that confidence. Not only does he control all things, but he has already fought and defeated mankind’s greatest enemy—death. (Hebrews 2: 14-15) What can I possibly fear except maybe God Himself?

Realizing Christ’s power and majesty and greatness could easily engender terror within us. How can we stand before such a Being? But Hebrews 2: 10-18 reminds us of another truth. Jesus is our brother. Now, I can relate to that.

I was blessed to grow up with a pretty terrific older brother. When I was a kid, he was hands down one of my very favorite people. If he liked football, I liked football. If he climbed trees, I climbed trees. Everything he told me, I believed. Everywhere he went, I tried to follow. Looking back on some of those childhood memories, I’m continually amazed he let me tag along as much as he did. And whenever my world turned dark and scary and I retreated to the safety of my personal hideaway, he would follow and sit there with me just so I’d know I wasn’t alone.   

So when the author of Hebrews reminds me that Jesus is my older brother, that He willingly joined me in my darkness and despair so He could lead the way back to the light, all my fear fades away.

That is Someone worthy of all my hope and trust. That is Someone worthy of worship.

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