Living Prayerfully

Today we welcome Cheryl from our Sunday Morning class with her reflections on this week’s study:

By Cheryl Hansen

Week 3 of the Colossians study “Living Jesus” begins with Paul’s prayer for the new believers and the church in Colossae. His prayer is a reminder of the qualities of God and how he has not ceased praying for them. 

I found myself thinking of my typical prayer requests and noticing that they didn’t match Paul’s model. God is obviously more concerned about GROWING the believers in Christ than making them comfortable in their physical surroundings. Maybe you have found yourself in very similar thought patterns as I have. I can fall into the trap of thinking of God as my fairy godfather or a genie that grants wishes rather than a God who expands spiritual wisdom and understanding, a God who increases knowledge and has power and glorious might. He wants us to have more perseverance and be able to joyously give thanks. 

My heart is often consumed with myself, my needs, and my feelings. I’m challenged to follow Paul’s prayer model this week and pray in a more spiritual way. Knowing more of Him means living more. More spiritual wisdom and understanding creates more joy which then leads to more trust. I can choose to embrace all of life as a gift from God by just walking in a manner worthy of the Lord.

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