Christ Alone

This week Marlys shares her thoughts with us about what she learned in this week’s lesson in Colossians.

What have you learned so far in this study regarding this statement:

                  “Jesus is said to carry the fullness of Deity”?

If we go back to the beginning of Chapter 2 and recap, since God was fully there in bodily form in Jesus, in Him we have been made complete. Jesus is the head over every ruler and authority. We have been buried with Him in baptism, raised with Him through faith, and made alive with Him. He has forgiven all our wrongdoings. He has canceled our debt. Such good news!

So, when we read the “therefore” in verse 16, we are referred back to this good news about Jesus. Paul then warns against false teaching. He lists out ways the Colossians were endangering the church. They were not acknowledging the fullness of Deity that he listed in the first part of the chapter. Shereen said it well in class. They were falling prey to legalism, mysticism, and asceticism:

  • Shadow judgments. They were adhering to activities, traditions and rituals of Jewish law- keeping vs Christ’s Reality–Jesus sacrificed Himself on the cross for our behalf and completed the work.
  • Fake worship. They were following pagan idols and teaching that appealed to the flesh . . . the outward appearance which doesn’t honor Jesus vs King Jesus who holds together all things and produces growth and newness in us and in the church.
  • Allowing fools to make the rules! They were practicing self-made religion and worshipping idols vs following Jesus.

How have you been adversely affected by these worldly dynamics?

In pondering this question this week, I’ve realized I can spend a lot of time perusing worldly distractions on Pinterest, Instagram (admiring the beauty of nature, artists, and potters) or listening to Podcasts. Most of these are OK, but sometimes they leave me filling empty and unfulfilled. You know how you get that screen time notification that pops up on your phone telling you how many hours you are spending time perusing? Yikes! This was a good wakeup call and reminder that spending time in the Word versus lesser things offers me the best nourishment for my heart, mind, and spirit in walking with Jesus.

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