Living Grateful

By Laura Dilworth

Our discussion group talked about how interesting it is that we finished this study the week of Thanksgiving, as that seems to be one of the themes of Colossians.  Over and over we are taught about the way to live our lives to honor Jesus–with kindness, love, unity, obedience, wisdom, grace, devoted prayer–AND BE THANKFUL. 

This week I especially keyed in to all the action words . . . devote, keep alert, conduct, strive earnestly, stand mature, see, fulfill.  These remind me I do have a choice—every moment of every day.  I can choose to focus on my own preferences or choose the better way that Jesus lived and makes possible by the power of His Spirit.

Each one of us have countless people throughout our day that encourage, brighten, challenge, uplift, strengthen . . . in big and very small ways.  Do we remember to acknowledge these daily blessings?  Do I take the time to let them, and others, know how important they are to my life?  Paul did!  A good chunk of our passage was just this.  And, he didn’t just say “thanks to everyone who is in this with me.” He listed specific names and how their lives, words, and actions made a difference.  It seems to me that this is recorded as an example and an instruction for US. I am challenged to slow down enough to take the time and put in a bit of effort to let those around me know they are valued.

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