Whispers from God

This week we saw a very different side of Elijah. A fragile side. A vulnerable side. A very human side.

What blessed me the most about this season in Elijah’s journey was how God showed up. He didn’t judge. He didn’t scold. He didn’t abandon Elijah at his neediest. He was there. Always and completely there.

When Elijah was depleted emotionally and physically, God allowed him to rest. Once again, He provided for Elijah’s most basic needs: rest and food. Our Creator knows how our bodies function. After all, He made them. He knows what we need the most and when we need it. And He provides.

But He also doesn’t allow us to wallow in our pity parties for long. He seeks us out. He makes Himself known. And He renews our purpose.

I love that God revealed Himself to Elijah in a still, small voice. Elijah had seen God’s power and majesty at work on Mount Carmel. Here on Mount Sinai, God chooses to relate to Elijah in a simple whisper. There’s something very intimate and personal about a whisper, isn’t there? You have to be very close to someone to hear it. In Elijah’s darkest moments, God whispered His presence.

He also provided an answer for Elijah’s loneliness. God gave him with a ministry partner, an apprentice by the name of Elisha. From this point forward, Elijah would never have to walk alone.

What a good and gracious God we have! Even in our darkest hours, we can count on His presence and His provision.

This week brings our series on Elijah to a close. Be sure to join us next week as we begin our annual Advent series on the blog. Our Equip Her writers will be sharing their favorite Christmas carols with you in conjunction with Lincoln Berean’s Christmas series, A Reason to Sing.

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