Jesus with Women

How Jesus interacted with women during his time here on earth tells us a lot about God’s view of women. Actually, woman’s role in God’s salvation story was set way back in the Garden of Eden when God told Eve her offspring would someday crush the head of the serpent. The Son of God would enter life on earth like any other human—through the womb of a woman.

Thousands of years later, the angel Gabriel appears to a young virgin named Mary. She was highly favored, the angel told her, because God had chosen her to be the vehicle through which our Christ was born. Similar to how God’s Spirit created life from nothing back in the beginning of Creation, the Holy Spirit would hover over Mary’s womb and create Jesus. He would be God in human form, able through his humanity to be a sacrifice for us all.

When Mary states, “I am the Lord’s servant,” she becomes the Messiah’s first disciple. Throughout her life she would learn from her son, pondering and treasuring all that happened. Being chosen to give birth to her Savior would bring great blessing, but also great pain. She was there to witness her son die, but also privileged to know the joy of his resurrection.

Many women were counted among the followers of Jesus. As Jesus traveled from town to town, Mary Magdalene, Joanna the wife of Chuza, Susanna, and many others traveled with him, serving and supporting him out of their own means. The Samaritan woman became the first evangelist, bringing many in her village to Christ. Mary and Martha of Bethany became dear friends. Martha portrayed her devotion through service; Mary sat at his feet, learning and worshipping. Women followed him to the cross and women were the first to witness his resurrection.

The way Jesus interacted with these women shows us our importance in the eyes of God.

We are valued.

We are chosen.

We are seen.

Even the way woman was created, with a womb that brings forth life, is essential to God’s plan. In God’s eyes, we are never second best or less than. We are beloved daughters and co-inheritors with Christ through his gift of salvation.

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