Why Worship?

Good question.  Why do we carve out time and protect part of our busy Tuesday mornings for our group to gather in one place and sing?  I’ve asked our new Worship Team leader to share her thoughts on worship.  Here’s what Laura had to say …

*It’s all about Jesus*

Focusing our moments together—

because we have Him in common.

Together…with the same LIFE LOVE – Jesus

the same Savior

the same, yet individually different

 JOY of knowing HE LOVES me/us/you—

and CELEBRATING that! 

With song, with resources, with words of thanks,







Sharing with each other the SMILE He puts in our heart and on our face! 

What delight we can bring. 

This doesn’t really have anything to do with having “solo-quality” voices,

a full band, the newest compositions or recordings,

perfect sound settings; a wallet full of money;

all elements of my life “just so”—the ideal personal weight and eating discipline;

the laundry done or kitchen clean; make-up & a cute outfit on.

It’s not about age, marital, social or spiritual status.

Something really special happens when people come together

because of a common LOVE!

All we are,

All we have

All to Him with joy … this is worship.

9 a.m. next Tuesday in the Coffee House.  I’m IN for this kind of worship.  Won’t you join us too?

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