In the past week I travelled from southeast Nebraska to west central Missouri. It’s a road trip I’ve made numerous times and it’s always been very direct and easy to navigate. Until this Missouri River Flood of 2011. The road I normally travel was closed due to flooding and some alternate routes were under construction. I won’t elaborate on my detours through the Kickapoo Nation or Leavenworth except to say that it was scenic.

There were many times I stopped along the way to adjust my course. There were many crossroad moments for which I was not prepared.

A summary of my journey would be that there’s really only ONE good place to cross the river and there are a few poor ways to get there.

Making decisions at spiritual crossroads has been the theme of the last 2 weeks of our summer Bible study. Kay Arthur has led us through David’s journey and pointed out many crossroad moments.

A summary of the life of David is that there was really only ONE thing God wanted from him and some critical crossroad choices took him on a few difficult routes to end up on course with God.

God wanted David’s heart.

God wants our hearts too.

Crossroad moments lead us toward God or away from Him.

Like David, I plan to finish well; I dream big about creating a place for God to dwell in my life. And I understand that the course of my journey may twist and turn but God will accomplish His will for my life. With all my heart I want to trust Him.

How about you?
Whether or not you joined any of our Summer Recharge Bible studies, do you see yourself at a spiritual crossroad?

How has God redeemed some of your poor choices and taken you to new places with Him?

If you were part of our Summer Recharge Bible studies, what has God taught you that you can share to encourage us?

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