Welcome to Fall 2011

THRIVE! . . .   it’s becoming one of those power words. The popularity of that word has placed it on new products like tablet computers, health foods, fitness centers and even banks. Advertisers are telling us if we have their “stuff,” we will thrive.

I happen to notice when God talks about thriving, He uses the word quite differently. It’s not something we possess by our own doing. Thriving in scripture is passive . . . it’s something that happens to us when God is powerful in our lives.

Notice 2 truths about thriving that show up in our verse for this year:

“Planted in the house of the LORD, we thrive in the courtyards of our God.” Ps. 92:13

1. Our LORD–a loving, intimate, personal God–carves out a spot just for us, then gently places us in it.

2. That special spot just for us, called a “house” and “courtyard,” carries the meaning of a home and family of God’s people.

Not just any one can plunk us down any place–we can’t even plunk ourselves down any-old-place–and expect to thrive.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll explain what our LORD is like so you can feel right at home in this place with His people.

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