Thriving and Striving

Laura Dilworth, our Worship Team leader, shares her thoughts about our theme this year:

Our theme for Titus this year is “THRIVE”…as opposed to strive. I looked up those two words and have been pondering their meaning.

Strive: 1.To make great efforts, try very hard; be in conflict, struggle, contend, fight.

Thrive: 1.To prosper; flourish; be successful; grow vigorously or luxuriantly.

One of the hardest things to recognize in our life struggles is our own striving. I must admit this is a new term that I’m just learning to recognize in my life.
Why am I unhappy with myself, my “performance”, my focus, my attitude, etc.?
Our innate pride just hates it that we’re “not all we should be”… this is striving. What a trap!

Psalm 92:12-15

—“The righteous (the pardoned—through no merit or energy of their own) will flourish/thrive like palm trees; they will grow like the cedars of Lebanon. They are like trees planted in the house of the Lord, that flourish/thrive in the Temple of our God, that still bear fruit in old age and are always green and strong. This shows that the Lord is just, that there is no wrong in my protector.”

The question I’ve been asking myself is, where have I “planted” myself (my thoughts, my goals, my emotions) that keeps me from THRIVING?
The phrase “that still bear fruit in old age and are always green and strong” is SUCH an encouragement…AND a challenge. I have to be intentional about planting myself.

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