Called to Serve

by Sheeren Lynn

Kathy shared with us last week about how God prepared certain people to be master craftsmen for the Temple. They honed their skills and learned to serve God while they were obedient slaves. They didn’t realize for many years that God had a higher purpose for their work.

We were all challenged to notice how our individual talents can serve God’s Kingdom! I love to work with people who are talented and passionate, and today I want to invite some of us to also consider a calling to serve.

The idea of “calling” has deep meaning and I don’t fully understand all its facets, but when I speak of calling today I’m referring to understanding where your God-given abilities match with a need in your world.

Remember the story of the boy who gave 5 barley loaves and 2 small fish whenfive-loaves-two-fishes2 5000+ people were hungry after hearing Jesus preach all day? That boy answered his calling . . . he offered all he had and Jesus prayed over it, broke it and fed everyone with food to spare. His response required risk, sacrifice, humility . . . but came with a huge blessing!

As we consider the needs of the many women who attend Lincoln Berean each week, we notice there is a hunger for more Bible studies. As leaders, we’re praying for a fresh infusion of women with a passion for God’s Word and a calling to teach Equip Her Bible studies. Might you be interesting in offering what God has given you?

Consider these questions:

  • Does God’s Word come to life when you read it?
  • Can you see Jesus at work around you?
  • Do you love to share an “ah-ha” moment with others?
  • Have people told you how your words have encouraged them?

Then you just might be a teacher!

If you want to explore what it might be like to teach with us, we’re offering a Teaching Workshop on March 9th from 8:30 to noon in the Coffee House at Berean. The workshop will be about taking a next step into places where God wants to use you. It’s about learning about the teaching process so you can listen to God’s Spirit prompting.

If you would like to explore the idea of sharing your faith story through teaching Scripture, please join us. For more information, contact Lana: or 402.483.6512

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