Equipped to Study

bible-studyThis past Tuesday morning, Claudine Lehman, one of the founding members of our women’s bible study ministry here at Lincoln Berean, shared her heart on studying God’s Word. Here’s an excerpt of what she had to say:

Recently I’ve been sorting through my late husband’s library. As a pastor he bought, collected and used many books—study books, reference books, biblical history books, devotional books. The list is endless.  I’m also a book collector so between us there are a lot of books in our library.

We have shelves and shelves of “how-to” books, stacks of all varieties and versions of Bibles, a whole section filled with biographies and autobiographies. All are books written by wonderful Christian authors—men and women—each one an authority in his or her field. Good, interesting, worthwhile reading material.

Yet, as I was standing among all these wonderful friends—our books—I was reminded of a verse:

“Heaven and earth will pass away but My words will not pass away.” Mark 12:31

Someday all these written pages will be reduced to rubble, but the words of The Word will never be lost.

Two things came to mind at that point:

  1. We here in America have too much of everything, including books and Bibles. There are so many Bibles available we don’t value the Written Word as we should. The heartbreaking stories that come from other countries where the Bible is banned are disturbing and convicting. Believers have given their lives to have one page of the Bible in their possession. Yet, there are stacks of “lost” Bibles in our church’s Lost and Found closet. I don’t believe the owners of these “lost” Bibles are not using a Bible at home. They just have so many, they don’t miss one that is lost.
  2. Somehow we have come to buy into the notion that we have to have a lot of aides to really understand the Word. We have to have a teacher, a video, a class, a radio program or an aide of some kind to “get it.”

I’ve profited greatly from the Daily Bread, My Utmost for His Highest, and other works from authors like Tozar, Wiersbe, Gire and others. But I’ve also learned that if I take the time to carefully, thoughtfully and prayerfully read and journal, God will and does speak to me—right where I am in my life—just what I need for the moment.

It’s been largely through my years at this Tuesday morning Bible study that I’ve slowly learned how to study to know God intimately, personally.

In 1988 a group of women met to worship and praise, study and pray. As a pastor’s wife, I’d been in and out of lots of classes, groups and studies through the years. But it was then I found a place within a group of like-minded gals with which I could grow. We’ve had several different names over the years—Roots and Wings, Titus Women and now, Equippers—but the focus is always the same: Worship and Praise, Study the Word, and Pray.

That’s what we do—that’s who we are.

On this journey, I’ve learned that reading and studying God’s Word isn’t about me. It’s about learning the character of God. It’s about getting deeply acquainted with my Lord. So as I read, I ask myself these questions:

  • What are God’s values? What is important to Him?
  • What pleases the Lord and honors Him?
  • What displeases by Savior? What grieves His heart of love?
  • What does He need? What is He looking for?

In the process I do get answers. I do get direction, comfort and joy. God has promised to be my teacher and He always keeps His promises. What a wonderful Teacher we have!

2 Replies to “Equipped to Study”

  1. The picture on this post caught my eye because our Tuesday morning Women’s Bible Study group has just begun The Patriarchs by Beth Moore and in it she is going over the many names of God.

    We are so blessed in America that we are spoiled. I too, have many Bibles, put only one I use on a regular basis. Our Media Center is starting a project to send books to the NAMB Appalachian Regional Ministries and I am looking forward to passing along all the Bibles and Christian books I have accumulated over the years, so people who need them will have the opportunities I have. Thank you for your post. I like your blog, it looks great!

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