The God Who Lingers

A word I’m learning to live with this summer is LINGER. Linger means: Stay in a place longer than necessary, typically because of a reluctance to leave.

When my 12-year-old asks to play another hand of cards, “puh-leeze,” he lingers.

When I meet a friend for coffee and 2 hours seems too short, we linger.

When the sunrise is beautiful and the breeze is cool across my porch, I linger.woman, trees (2)

Each summer I return to the well-worn path that Jesus walked while on the earth, enjoying moment-by-moment stories of Him written by Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. One of my favorite bends in the road brings me to the garden where Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene after His resurrection.

As God would have it, this time as I read through John 20:11-17, I noticed who lingered.

First, there was Mary Magdalene. After running back and forth trying to help the disciples sort out this incredible scene, she “remained standing outside the tomb sobbing.” Even when the men had left the place because it no longer seemed necessary to stay, Mary M lingered.

Because Mary M was persistent in looking for Jesus, and she took time to let her tears flow, her reluctance to leave brought her face-to-face with the God Who Lingers.

Jesus had just secured a victory over sin and death. Rather than announcing His Savior status in the synagogue or public square, He stayed in the garden a while longer.

I wonder if He was kneeling before the Father under that olive grove.

As the sun rose and the breeze rushed across the redeemed earth, I suspect His head and hands were lifted in praise outside the garden tomb.

I’m so grateful that when I choose to be a woman who lingers, I meet up with the God who lingers over and over again.

Mind if I pray?

God-Who-Lingers, how often You’ve told me to wait when I’ve wanted to hurry ahead. How often You’ve asked me to pray when I’ve wanted to plan instead. I pray for each women reading this today who is just like me in that. Make us women to linger over moments with our Savior, reluctant to leave Your Word and spending time with You. Amen.

3 Replies to “The God Who Lingers”

  1. I needed to hear this. Nice post! You know I’m a control freak at times, and live to plan. So impatient, yet God patiently lingers. I’ve really been exploring these little moments, I want to rush over or let frustration rear, when really if I lingered a little, I would realize they are God moments, beauty in such rare unexpected places. Thanks for the reminder Shereen! 🙂

    1. I can certainly relate to “live to plan”, so I need to be sure to plan to linger with Him. Keep exploring and living in expectancy!

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