Facing Fear like Gideon

Before we begin our summer study here on the EquipHer blog, I’d like to take one final look back at the impact our bible studies had on our women this year. We’ve been privileged to share the stories of several ladies from our Tuesday Morning ministry in the past months, but EquipHer also has classes on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Today I’d like to share the story of Jeannie Pittam, one of the ladies in our Tuesday Night study. I know you will be blessed by what she has to say:

credits: zeze57/flickr.com
credits: zeze57/flickr.com

By Jeannie Pittam

Are you facing your 32,000 with only 300? Our study in Gideon is a timeless story across the ages and it came at a perfect time for me.

Sometimes our battles seem overwhelming. That’s also what Gideon thought.

Sometimes the battles are for our families, our communities, and the culture, but most often, we simply are called to battle against the enemy forces to win hearts and minds for Christ in quiet ways.

Always put on the full armor of God each day because our fears will fail us every time when we try to go it alone.

Let me share a little background. Fear and judgment kept me hiding in the winepress, just like Gideon–working hard but wanting to stay invisible. Shame and guilt had become my way of life because of an abortion at 19 . . . a secret I was going to take to my grave.

In 1970 I didn’t have support from family. I felt abandoned and alone. I moved on as if nothing happened.

In 1995, God broke through my heart, but I had no idea that He was equipping me for a battle only He could prepare me for.

In 2005, I knew I was forgiven, but I didn’t have deep abiding peace and joy in my heart. I met with Marlys who helped me to see that God was in this, and yes, He could use my pain for His purposes.

During the 5th week of the Gideon study, I was given an opportunity to testify to the Judiciary Committee at the State Legislature. As soon as I committed to sharing, my thoughts immediately went to “what did I just do?”

My testimony was on behalf of an abortion bill that would help protect women from coercion. By Monday afternoon, I was calling on all the prayer warriors I could to pray me through the coming days. Not only my dear sisters in Christ I fellowship with, but women I know through social media from different states who also prayed. Some even forwarded my prayer request to others to pray on my behalf.

On Tuesday, I began to write my 3 minute testimony, and I felt the Holy Spirit guide me through that process. When I came to our Gideon bible study on Tuesday evening, I was deeply blessed by the women at my table who prayed for me and encouraged me that they would continue to do so through the coming days. My heart and spirit was touched beyond words. My fears were abating.

Wednesday the fear and intimidation came flooding back as I heard myself say “who am I to do this?” But it didn’t last long. The peace returned as if Christ Himself placed a blanket over me, and I embraced it with all my heart with a sweet confidence that I wasn’t going into this battle alone. Gideon too, had the confidence to carry out his calling and I felt the many prayers had enabled me to do one simple thing: to share the truth.

I will be forever grateful for the study on Gideon and for EquipHer Women’s Bible studies. I have no idea where God will take this once frightened, weak, and fragile girl, but with Jesus, He promises to never leave me or forsake me.

Ephesians 6:18 “Therefore take up the full armor of God so that you are able to resist in the evil day and having done everything, to stand firm.”



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