What’s Next?

On Tuesday, we had our class parties celebrating the end of another year of Equip Her Tuesday Mornings. Here are a few pictures from the MUMs gathering, and though I don’t have pictures to prove it, I’m betting the other classes had similar moments enjoying good food, laughter and sharing.

mums coffeemums musicmums prizesmums prizes2mums shareSo what’s next? The end of each year of Equip Her is always a little bittersweet. I’m sure we all are looking forward to the warmer days and more relaxed schedules that summer brings. Yet, sometimes in the midst of vacations and ballgames and swimming and campfires, we find ourselves missing those weekly times when we can dig into God’s word together and enjoy the friends we’ve made here on Tuesday Mornings.

If you are looking for ways to continue your spiritual growth and community this summer, here are a few suggestions:

For a corporate summer bible study, you might want to sign up for DWELLIINGThat’s the title and theme of the class Shereen and Marlys will be teaching on Wednesday nights during the month of June. The class will be held at Lincoln Berean Church from 7-8:30 p.m. and will look at three women who made their dwelling place with Jesus at different stages and seasons in their lives. These women shared joy and sorrow, waiting and glory. Come learn from them and from each other as well.

We will also be doing another online study here on the blog starting the first Thursday in June and running through August. Some of you joined us as we worked through Claudine’s Personal Worship study last summer. This year our focus will be Prayer. Shereen and I will be modifying the class we taught several years ago entitled Knees to the Earth: Prayer that Empowers a Woman’s Life. Using the format of the Lord’s Prayer from the Sermon on the Mount, we will be learning how calling on God and developing an intimate prayer life with Him can help us struggle well through all of life’s situations.

And, finally, for all you young mothers who crave that community with other moms, the MUMs have created a summer playgroup. They will be meeting up weekly for a variety of activities including play at the church, the zoo, parks around Lincoln and the Children’s Museum. For information about details on all these activities, be sure to join the page “MUMs Summer Playgroup” on Facebook.

Have a wonderful summer!

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