A Remedy for Spring Madness

DSC03675My lilacs are blooming! You know what that means? Spring is officially here. Spring can be a crazy time, can’t it? Between school-year activities winding down and summer activities gearing up, I’m not always sure whether I’m coming or going. Track meets, ball games, final concerts, graduation parties, family gatherings, travel . . . these are just a sampling of the many things you and I are probably facing in the next few weeks. Today’s blog is a throwback to one written by Stacey Kuszak two summers ago, but I think it will resonate with many of us again. During the busy weeks ahead, can we take some time for a little Peace and Quiet?

I’m a busy mom with a lot of kids. It’s summer. Everyone is home. The sheer number of people in my house on any given day creates noise. I like to blame the noise on my kids, but if I’m being honest I’m responsible for a lot of the noise in my life.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Pinterest.  Each of these social media avenues play right into certain ways I’m wired for connection, creativity, commonality, community. But the flip side of social media is that it creates so much noise. Noise that can numb my brain, noise that drowns out any whisper that God might be breathing into my spirit. Noise that can create a discontent, a tension, a small pull in the wrong direction. Noise that creates distraction.

Distraction is one of the enemy’s favorite tools. He doesn’t need to pull us head-long into sin, he just needs to distract us from the One our soul loves. And boy are we a distracted people. Go to any summer outing and notice the people around you. I bet half of them are on their phones.

But wait . . . what was I saying?  My life is noisy and I’m distracted.

These past few weeks I have been on a social media fast. I’ve opened my bible more and have just sat with God, in the silence and solitude. I’ve turned off the radio and computer and have listened for Jesus in the peace and quiet. Jesus, himself, models this discipline for us over and over in scripture. He shows the disciples how to get away from the crowds and the noise. He often went away, alone, to be with his Father, undistracted.

All Christians know a quiet time is essential to their walk with God. That time can look different for each person: the when, the how, the amount of time. One thing I do know about getting alone with God— it has to be intentional.

I think about all the ways I hear about God in a day; whether it’s the radio, reading a devotional online, or a blog that is recounting someone’s God story. These are all good things in and of themselves, but they are other people’s words about God. They are not God’s direct word to me. God doesn’t shout over the noise of my life. He waits patiently for me to come–undistracted and ready to listen.

Lately I’ve been challenged by 1 Thessalonians 4:11, “Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life.”  As I intentionally turn down the volume of my life, I’m finding God’s sweet whisper is music to my ears.

Sssshhhh!  Can you hear it? It’s the sound of His voice. He is calling you!

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