How Then Shall We Live?

tuesdaysThanks for joining me again today as we take another in-depth look at one of the classes we will be offering this fall in our Equip Her Women’s Bible Studies. If you missed our post last week, here’s a reminder of the class line-up:

Tuesday Mornings:

  • MUMs
  • 1&2 Peter
  • Song of Solomon
  • A Woman’s Heart (Beth Moore tabernacle study)—full year class

Wednesday Nights:

  • Colossians

Again, you may register for classes two ways. For online registration, click HERE. If you would rather register in person, look for the Women’s Ministry spotlight booth at Berean this weekend (August 22/23) and next (August 29/30).

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the class I will be teaching, 1&2 Peter. So sit back and enjoy while I interview myself.

DSCN1450bTell a little about yourself (family, etc.) and how long you’ve been a part of women’s bible studies at Berean?

Most of you know me as editor and occasional writer here on the blog. I am married to Kurt and have two children—Jared, who is a junior in college, and Megan, who is a senior in high school. This fall will mark my 20th year of attending Tuesday Mornings at Berean. I started with MUMs when my son was six months old. Let’s just say, Lincoln Berean Women’s Bible Studies have had a huge impact on my life and growth as a Christian, a wife and a mother.

How many years have you been teaching with Equip Her/Titus Women? What excites you most about teaching in general?

I have been teaching in our Tuesday Morning bible studies since the fall of 2012, but teaching has always been a big part of who I am. I earned my Masters in education and taught high school English for several years before settling into my role as a stay-at-home mom. What I love most about teaching is taking a subject I’m excited about and sharing that excitement with others. I love seeing that “aha” moment when one of my students grasps a new concept.

What will you be teaching this fall in Equip Her? What drew you to this topic or portion of scripture?

I will be teaching 1&2 Peter. The truths found in these two short letters first became dear to me three years ago. At that time, my daughter was experiencing some very difficult consequences of standing for truth and living out her faith during her first year of high school. Many of the verses found in 1& 2 Peter became ones we could both cling to for encouragement.

Later when I was doing a more in-depth study of these books in preparation for this class, I discovered 1&2 Peter have never been listed as favorites among the majority of American Christians. However, they are the most popular scriptures to our counterparts around the world in countries where persecution is far more likely. And though they may not have seemed relevant to Western Christians in the past, I believe we will be turning to scriptures such as these more and more in the days to come.

How do you expect your class to look in regard to structure? Is there a video? Will there be a lot of discussion? Is there homework?

We will be doing an inductive study of these two books of the Bible. As with any class, the more you put into it, the more you will gain. Class members will be asked to read through each passage and do their own personal study before we study the material together in class. We will also have time to discuss each passage in small group settings in an effort to apply what we learn to our lives today.

What do you hope women will gain from taking your class?

I truly believe we are living in the last days—have been since Christ returned to the Father. If you find yourself feeling increasingly out of place in your world, you are not alone. Christianity has always been counter-cultural. And though Christians in our nation have historically lived a very comfortable existence, I don’t think that will hold true for long—especially if our nation continues on its current course of driving God out of every public forum.

With that in mind, how are we supposed to live as Christians in a hostile world? The answer to that question is the meat of Peter’s epistles.  My prayer for the women taking this class is that together we can learn what our role is as Christ followers in these final days and to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

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