A Love Story

sara teachingIn most of the modern world, romance is thought of as something that happens before marriage. In the Song of Solomon, romance is a lifelong response; an act of each mate faithfully fulfilling the other’s needs. Since God invented the romance of love, marriage and sexual intimacy, let’s hear what He has to say! Today, we will take a more in-depth look at the class Sara Eyster will be teaching on Tuesday Mornings this fall.

But first, here’s a reminder of all the classes.

Tuesday Mornings:

  • MUMs
  • 1&2 Peter
  • Song of Solomon
  • A Woman’s Heart (Beth Moore tabernacle study)—full year class

Wednesday Nights:

  • Colossians

You may register for classes two ways. For online registration, click HERE. If you would rather register in person, look for the Women’s Ministry Spotlight Booth at church this weekend (August 29/30).

And now, here’s my interview with Sara:

sara weddingTell a little about yourself (family, etc.) and how long you’ve been a part of women’s bible studies at Berean?

I am married to Bill who is a Bellevue native.  My son, Matt Meyer, and his
wife, Renee, have 3 active boys.  My daughter, Betsy Rubendall, and husband,
Darren, have two vivacious girls.  I was born in Texas to an air force family and am the
oldest of 3 girls. I have been a member at Berean since 1993 and a teacher in women’s ministries since 2000.

What excites you most about teaching in general?

I love teaching what God has taught me.  I see how it changed my life
and set me free.  I want others to experience that.

What will you be teaching this fall in Equip Her? What drew you to this topic or portion of scripture?

I will be teaching the Song of Solomon which is a love poem about the
romance of married love.  I have taught it several times since 2005 and I
learn something more every time I teach it.  Love, marriage and romance
are timeless topics and still compelling.

How do you expect your class to look in regard to structure? Is there a video? Will there be a lot of discussion? Is there homework?

We will explore the Song verse by verse.  We will have table
discussion around prepared questions and prayer time.  There will be 30
minutes of outside reading each week.

What do you hope women will gain from taking your class?

I want women to learn to have confidence in God,  to have confidence
He has a plan for their marriages, and to have confidence He has
power to change lives and marriages.  I want them to believe that God is
for them, not against them. I want them to learn that the
deepest satisfaction and joy in marriage is possible.


2 Replies to “A Love Story”

  1. I would love to be available on Tuesday mornings. I hope to be able to take the Wednesday evening class. Will it be offered online as well?

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