God’s Dwelling Place

tuesdays2In less than two weeks, our fall semester of Equip Her bible studies will begin. I’m so excited to see what God has in store for us this year. Many of you have already registered for a class. For those of you still undecided, there is still plenty of time to REGISTER online. Here’s a reminder of the class lineup for this fall:

Tuesday Mornings:

  • MUMs
  • 1&2 Peter
  • Song of Solomon
  • A Woman’s Heart (Beth Moore tabernacle study)—full year class

Wednesday Nights:

  • Colossians

Today we will be looking a little deeper into our final class offering for our Tuesday Morning bible studies. Unlike the other classes on Tuesday Mornings, women who choose this class will commit to the class for the entire year. This Beth Moore video class will be co-facilitated by two of my favorite ladies, Claudine Lehman and Kathy Bowman. Take a moment to listen to what they have to say.

ClaudineKathyTell a little about yourself (family, etc.) and how long you’ve been a part of women’s bible studies at Berean?

Claudine: I’ve been a part of women’s bible studies at Berean since 1988 officially. (Claudine was one of the founding members of the first LBC Women’s bible study called Roots and Wings and has been actively involved in our ministry ever since.)

Kathy: I am a retired teacher. My husband Don is an attorney and we have 6 married children and 18 grandchildren. We go to a lot of sports events and music programs and love them all. I have been involved in Equip Her/Titus Women for 28 years.

How many years have you been teaching with Equip Her/Titus Women? What excites you most about teaching in general?

Claudine: I have taught off and on over the years. I find deep satisfaction when I spend time studying the Word and then share what I’ve been learning from it. I’m excited to see fellow students grow in their knowledge of the Word and love for the Lord.

Kathy: I headed MUMs for 12 years and was on the Directional Team for many years in charge of teachers and curriculum. Now I am just a teacher in Equip Her.

What will you be teaching this fall in Equip Her? What drew you to this topic or portion of scripture?

Claudine: Kathy B and I will be co-facilitating the Beth Moore study of the Tabernacle.  I believe that a comprehensive study of the OT tabernacle is foundational for the study of the New Testament. It is an object lesson from God of how He wants to dwell among and in us. It is also a great study for the attributes of God.

Kathy:  I will be co- facilitating a Beth Moore study called A Woman’s Heart; God’s Dwelling Place. This is the study of the tabernacle that was built in the wilderness as the Israelites wandered. Through this tabernacle God initiated a deeper relationship with His Chosen People by bringing reconciliation and revealing His glory. I love studying the tabernacle and learning what each part represented in approaching a Holy God and what that means for us today.

How do you expect your class to look in regard to structure? Is there a video? Will there be a lot of discussion? Is there homework?

Claudine: This is a Beth Moore video class. We will be in this study from September through late April. We will be in small table/prayer groups for the discussion times. There is intensive homework, and we will have two weeks to work on each lesson.

Kathy: Our class will alternate between a week of video and a week of discussion. The homework is deep, rich and necessary for this class. The videos are nice, but the real learning will come through the study of God’s word from the homework and discussion.

What do you hope women will gain from taking your class?

Claudine: A deeper appreciation for and understanding of our God who desires to dwell in and with us.

Kathy: I pray the women will leave this class knowing that the intricate design of the tabernacle is significant in God’s eternal plan. I pray we all go away being challenged to prepare our hearts to become a home for His love and glory . . . a dwelling place for the Most High.


2 Replies to “God’s Dwelling Place”

    1. Maybe our Wednesday night study will work out for you. We will have more information on that class in this week’s blog.

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