Truth Hinge


As I worked through our lesson 5 homework, these words on Day 4 caught my attention:

“[Truth] is the hinge upon which the entire issue of faith-filled living rests.” Priscilla goes on to explain,”the truth of God’s character and His Word provide the framework that allows our faith to flourish and thrive.”

I love the picture that conveys!

Just like a strong commitment to Truth, a strong hinge holds our faith-life together. It allows us to open ourselves to good, God-honoring activities and people. It also closes to keep unhealthy and evil things from entering our lives.

Simon’s example of faith shows just how a commitment to Truth helps us navigate in a world of choices and opportunities. (Luke 5:1-7,11)

Having just met the Savior and hearing Him teach only once, the Truth of God’s character was evident to Simon as he revealed raw faith in saying, “But if you say so… ”


He didn’t ask for further proof : “Have you ever caught fish in deep water in the middle of the day?”

He didn’t demand a safety net if things didn’t pan out : “If I don’t catch anything, will you pay me for my time?”

He didn’t walk away:  “That sounds like the kind of idea a carpenter would have!”

Can you hear the hinge squeak as it swings open to Simon’s opportunity? It was THE hinge of truth, spoken by the TRUTH in his moment of truth. Eternity hung in the balance.

How might a moment such as that look in my life? Would it come in a religious moment, like on a Sunday morning, or when I’ve just paid it forward in the drive-thru lane? Or would it come on the heels of disappointment, cleaning up a mess, interrupted and irritated as it did with Simon?

Do I weigh each opportunity against the timeless Truth, “Does Jesus say so?”

Does Jesus say I should spend my time on something good, even if it takes me away from His BEST for my life? Does Jesus say I should exercise my freedom at the expense of someone else’s temptation with addiction? Does Jesus say I should speak my mind, share  a blistering podcast or rage online while I support the Prince of Peace?

It’s a question I plan to keep asking, with big choices and seemingly small opportunities. “Does Jesus say so?”

Squueeaakkk . . .


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