Final Thoughts: Armor of God


By Marlys Burgett

This is our last time together. I’ve done multiple Bible studies over many years, yet this has probably been one of my favorites!

Has it been so for you too?

What has made it meaningful for me is the focus on this passage of scripture in Ephesians 6 that’s abundantly full of truth and practical ways to battle well.

Let’s review the armor we get to dress up in daily:

  • The shoes of peace
  • The belt of truth
  • The breastplate of righteousness
  • The shield of faith
  • The helmet of salvation
  • And our offensive weapon: the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God

And we can cover ourselves up in continual prayer!

I was encouraged by our lesson that the sword of the Spirit fights on our behalf . The Rehma (the utterance of God) speaks personal and intimate words for me alone and for you alone. The Word is our power – to help us stand firm and victorious! For example, yesterday I was reading in Ps 55, “He will redeem my soul in peace from the battle within me.” As Priscilla said in the DVD, “the Word will jump off the page; like it was highlighted just for you.

Why was this verse so meaningful?

As most of you know, it’s been a little over a year since my husband passed away. You survive the first year full of memories now experienced alone. The “firsts” they call it. (Who is they anyway?) So I’ve survived through the first holidays, birthdays, anniversary’s; this Monday would have been our 39th anniversary.

But now as I enter the second year, it seems the enemy of grief and sorrow has been hounding me:  sad, teary, sleepless, feeling like a needy and pathetic friend. I even find myself crying in Wal-Mart! Some days it’s difficult to get up, and when I do, it feels like I’m plodding through a muddy quagmire. Maybe some of you can relate as you experience your own challenges:  illness, relationship losses, prodigal kids, job stress, financial concerns, among other struggles.

But the one thing I don’t stop doing, no matter the pain, is running to Jesus. It’s the best thing I can do! And each day as I run to Him, pleading and praying, He shows up with fresh new mercies, and a good cup of coffee. Every. Single. Morning.

Lamentations 3:22-23 NLT says, “His faithful love never ends. His mercies never cease! Great is His faithfulness. His mercies begin afresh each morning.”

This study was a beginning, a great first step of learning how to clothe ourselves with the armor of God. It seems fitting as we conclude to take some time to ponder …

  • How will we choose to live life differently after having gone through this study?
  • I wonder, will you continue to embrace His word and identify specific prayer strategies in the days to come?
  • Or will you go home and put this study on a shelf, never to open it again? I hope not, for me nor for you!

I’d like to give you a few minutes to jot down and answer some questions; just between you and Jesus.

  1. Identify specific ways you can keep the momentum of prayer moving in your daily life.
  2. What is the one piece of armor Jesus is prompting you to focus on?
  3. How will you be prepared to stand firm when the next battle comes around? Or, if you are currently in the heat of battle, how can you respond in new ways to battle well?

In the coming days, ask Jesus to help you follow through with these action steps you have identified.

Thanks so much for joining us this summer! We pray The Armor of God will continue to encourage you in your faith walk with Jesus.

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