Fresh Start

There’s something about stepping into a NEW year that always invigorates me. Perhaps it’s a sense of relief after the holiday hustle. Maybe it’s the promise of filling clean pages on a new calendar. Mostly it’s the hope of starting fresh in my personal life.

As a way to keep that freshness going for a few weeks, I like to plant a Paper White flower bulbbulb. That little bit of growth in the middle of winter encourages me to live grateful for new things.

This year I had a few extra bulbs in the package from Walmart so I divided them into two containers. One sat atop a bed of pebbles and shells. Another sat on pebbles and was also nestled in a spongy bed of moss.

It didn’t take long for the mossy container to shoot lanky fronds toward the window.

But the pebbly container showed little sign of growth above the stubby bulb.

I checked the roots. Sure enough, the tall fronds were supported by many healthy roots while the stubby bulb had no roots at all. Time for stubby to get a mossy bed too!

Within a day that stagnant, stubby bulb sent out a little root into its pebbles. The moss had created a warm and welcome place for a Paper White to thrive.

For some of you stepping into Women’s Bible Study is your new thing for the year. And we recognize that starting out can make you feel small and vulnerable . . .  like my little Paper Whites.

It’s our hope that this place will feel warm and familiar and that you’ll put down healthy roots in God’s Word.  We’d love for you to grow with us!


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