Are you satisfied with the pace of your life? Does it allow breathing room for your soul?Girl Blowing on a Dandelion

On Tuesday Mornings we arrange for a gift of time to let you settle into the room, relax in your seat, and chat with someone around your table simply because life can be too busy most days. Really, it’s about stepping into a place to receive all that God has for you from His Word.

Then WORSHIP begins.The intent of a worship time is to look together at who God is. We discover what He is like and how He interacts with us. Sometimes worship involves singing together. But worship can also come from hearing how God has been faithful in someone else’s life.

No matter how we approach it, worship should always honor the name of God.

Might I suggest you click on the link to this song, take a deep breath and let it lead you into worship wherever you are today:

Fall Afresh, Kari Jobe



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