Psalm Tuesday


equipher-019Last Tuesday we had the privilege of joining together in a time of corporate prayer and introspection. If you missed our worship time this week, take some time now to read the following prayers. Then, click on the song title listed below each prayer to listen to the songs and spend some time in quiet reflection.

Upward (Sheryl Murray)


Dear Father-

After all these years of being your child, I still marvel that we, who have been saved by the sacrifice of your son, Jesus Christ, and called into a new life with Him, can call you our Father. You are God, our Creator, who made the heavens and earth, the timeless, everlasting Being who called the universe into existence in just six days. You are God, our LORD, whose holiness and righteousness hold the world together, even as our disobedience has endeavored to tear it apart. You are God, our Savior, who reached down to this earth, and sent His son to save us from our sins. Yes, you are God, our Father, who adopted us into His family by the blood of His Son and the power of His Spirit.

O God, we reverence you as our King. You are the only righteous and perfect God. You see us as we truly are. There is nothing hidden from you. And yet, you love us still with a love that rejoices with us when we are on the mountains of joy, and a love that rescues us when we are in the valleys of despair. Your everlasting goodness is beyond our imagination. Every good and perfect gift is from you. And even those sufferings and trials you allow into our lives, you turn into blessings on the path to transforming us into your likeness.

O God, we reverence you as our Shepherd. Your never-failing love surrounds us always. We can never be separated from your love. Your physical care is evident all around us—in the fresh air we breathe, the nourishing food we eat, the beautiful homes we live in. Your emotional care is evident as you guard and protect our minds, and wills, and emotions through your Word and Spirit. Your spiritual care is evident as the Holy Spirit leads and guides us into your truth and righteousness.

O God, Lover of our hearts, we put our trust and faith in you. Today, this minute, we once again, give you our hearts and minds and souls. You are the only one who can hold them securely in your hands with your gentle patience and everlasting kindness.

We love and adore you.


Song“King of Love” by: I am They

Inward (Katie Kafka)


Psalm 61

1 Hear my cry, O God; Give heed to my prayer.

2 From the end of the earth I call to You when my heart is faint; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

3 For You have been a refuge for me, A tower of strength against * the enemy.

4 Let me dwell in Your tent forever; Let me take refuge in the shelter of Your wings.


5 For You have heard my vows, O God; You have given me the inheritance of those who fear Your name.

6 You will prolong the king’s life; His years will be as many generations.

7 He will abide before God forever; Appoint lovingkindness and truth that they may preserve him.

8 So I will sing praise to Your name forever, That I may pay my vows day by day.

Lord, thank you for the gift of Psalm 61 in my life this past week. The words of David resonate with my heart in so many ways. I find them to be a deep inhale and slow exhale. I long to be in Your presence . . . in Your will . . . following Your ways. Hear my cry. Listen to my prayer.

The day in and day out of life can often feel overwhelming. There are lists of to-do’s . . . places to go and places to take people . . . chores for today and commitments in the distance. When my heart gets overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Sometimes I think my biggest enemy is myself, that inner voice of self doubt that steals my joy and confidence leaving me to momentarily believe that I could be doing more. That this is not enough. I pray that in these moments I would abide in You. Take residence in Your places, so that I may remember that strength is found with You. For You are consistently available. You prepare an inviting sanctuary for me to come as I am. You remind me that this is enough. You are more than enough.


Thank you, Lord, for hearing my heart. Come with me in my every days. I want to daily walk in the legacy of a daughter in Christ. I pray that I would own my story and acknowledge how Your lovingkindness and truth gave me grit among the overwhelming seasons. So I will sing praise to Your name forever, as I embrace Your perfect plan for me.


Song: “Once and for All” by: Lauren Daigle

Outward (Sunshine Metschke)


Father God, you are compassionate. You are long-suffering, and you are merciful. And above all, you are GOOD. I confess that this situation is so overwhelming and painful that hopelessness and fear have silenced my prayers. I am totally helpless. Oh, I can suggest things that would make the pain more manageable, but this is bigger than me. And that’s a good thing, because I need to surrender it to the One who is sovereign. So I come to you now with boldness to ask you to heal him from this defeating disease. Heal his spirit that is defeated by the inability to perform the physical tasks that he cherishes. Heal his mind from the attacks of the enemy that feed his sense of worthlessness. Heal him from the anxiety that causes him to pull away from the people that love him most. Heal him from the exhaustion that causes him to pause and catch up throughout the day. But mostly, Father, use this time, this suffering, to show him the deeper places of Your heart. In his exhaustion, may He find the rest that only You can provide. May Your powerful and unimaginable peace silence his anxieties. May his weary spirit be comforted by THE Spirit whom You have sent to walk with us. And ultimately, may he find his worth in the only One who is Worthy. I know that even in this hardship, You are redeeming all things. Father, in your goodness, in your compassion, and in your mercy, hear my prayers.

Song: “O God Forgive Us” by: for KING & COUNTRY featuring (KB)


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