Gather Me

IMG_20171007_114402766_HDRAre you feeling pulled in different directions, torn by competing emotions, or simply brokenhearted by what you see in the news? Can I invite you to settle a few minutes into this . . .

O God, gather me

to be with you

as you are with me.

Keep me in touch with myself,

with my needs,

my anxieties,

my angers,

my pains,

my corruptions,

that I may claim them as my own

rather than blame them on someone else.

O Lord, deepen my wounds

into wisdom;

shape my weaknesses

into compassion;

gentle my envy

into enjoyment,

my fear into trust,

my guilt into honesty.

O God, gather me

to be with you

as you are with me.

– Tedd Loder, Guerrillas of Grace

And as you gather into the tender embrace of Jesus, you might enjoy this song of peace and video shot through a lens of the Golan Heights . . .


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